You’ve done the research on the value of ITSM, ITIL and IT Service Costing – Now what? Part I

You’ve done the research on the value of ITSM, ITIL and IT Service Costing – Now what? Part I

When asked about the current state of their IT environment, IT executives answered that they “believed that their systems did not deliver the value expected by the business.” They felt that they were “unable to provide the business with quantifiable metrics demonstrating the value of IT services and assets.”

A service catalog that is properly developed and implemented is the key to unlock the value of ITSM processes to IT. Your service catalog provides full IT Transparency, and if set up correctly, easily shows the value of IT to the business it supports.

In our first blog in this series, we discussed specific needs a CIO must address when meeting the business’ demand for IT Transparency:

  1. For the complete transparency the business is demanding, you will need to adopt a showback/chargeback methodology for services, so you can show them actual costs per service, perhaps even coming up with a “rate card” for the CFO to use when the yearly IT budget requests come in!
  2. You are going to need to build a clearly defined, accurate service catalog that will allow you to share costs and available technology with your customers.
  3. There are very few options available to CIOs that allow them to quickly and concisely develop the IT Financial Management “leg” of their new lean process strategy.

And depending on the vendors you are looking at, you may need to use several of them to complete your ITIL process (strategy, tools, implementation, and training). Only one vendor provides the methods, SaaS tools, training, and variables-based formulas to assist you in building your Service Catalog and performing IT Service Costing:  KEDARit.  Follow this link for a 1 minute commercial on our COp-S product.

Make sure your vendor can clearly define technical and business services in their Service Catalog solution.  Unless IT’s services are defined, IT’s contribution is often confusing and difficult to measure.  Worse yet, your customers:

  • Don’t know where to go for services they need, nor do they even know what’s available.
  • Have little understanding of the value they receive from the business services they pay for.
  • Often feel they are being overcharged for the services they do receive.
  • Get especially frustrated when asked to work with IT and fiscally justify their current expenses and upcoming new IT projects to the CFO. They can clearly define what value their new solution can bring to the business, but they can’t define every process or technical service it will effect, or what cost it will add to current or future IT environment. This applies not only to the new product, but also to the overall technical service – automated or otherwise.

For your consideration – I introduce you to KEDARit.
Our COp-S™ solution is a specialized SaaS applications developed for Information Technology (IT) organizations to meet their IT financial management and governance objectives. COp-S™ allows users to quickly monetize the complexity of IT people, processes, and technology into distinct IT services and capabilities that support all business functions.  Follow this link for a 1 minute commercial on our COp-S product.

The KEDARit advantage that makes us so unique is this:
Our COP-S™ development and go-to-market strategies focus on using current technologies and best practices to model the complexity of IT organizations.

Executives who take on the challenge of managing IT as a business and transforming their organization to adopt ITSM Best Practices can quickly take advantage of the rich features and benefits of COp-S™.

Our COp-S™ product provides a complete solution that includes IT Financial Management methods, tools, expert guidance, and training with each engagement taking around 10 weeks… you build your custom Service Catalog (FULLY AUTOMATED using our library of pre-defined services, processes and other point-and-click tools) in only four weeks vs. the multi-months projects offered by other vendors take.

I encourage you to view our whitepapers, blogs, and product pages – and most importantly – schedule a live demo of COp-S™ to see for yourself just how easy KEDARit has made this whole ITIL process!

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