Financial Management for IT Service (FMITS) Workshop

Financial Management for IT Service (FMITS) Workshop

Understand the Impact of IT Costs Today!

Do you know where your IT dollars are going? And whether they support overall business goals? The Professional Education Center (PEC) at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas can make sure that you do.

In partnership with KEDAR Information Technologies, Inc., they offer a Financial Management for IT Services workshop that will help you:

  • Understand, better manage and reduce IT costs
  • Determine the value of IT across the company and across business units.
  • Charge back IT services efficiently and effectively
  • Scale IT resources and costs to meet market demands
  • Get the best value for the money you’re spending
    on IT Services

Know the Value of IT – for Business and Government

Transparency when it comes to financial management of IT resources is critical, whether your organization is in the private or public sector. Every organization is under more scrutiny than ever to ensure that costs are accounted for and in line with overall objectives – from Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements to accounting for all goods and services you spend money on as part of Regulation OMB-A87.

Education On-Demand

The bottom line is that every IT professional needs to deliver when it comes to financial management of IT resources – and we can show you how. You will learn how to build a cost model that shows where your IT dollars were spent, and give you full transparency, accountability – and peace of mind.

Who Should Attend

This course offers incredible insight and value to anyone who manages IT for business or government organizations, including:

  • CIOs, COOs and CTOs
  • Business unit leaders, including CEOs
  • Anyone responsible for financial accounting of IT resources

Find out more

Let us help you gain more insight with the quality you expect from St. Edward’s University and the technical expertise of KEDARit, so that your organization can better manage IT Services and better allocate valuable resources.

Email us or call (972) 432-6590 today, and get better IT visibility tomorrow!

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