The Thirty Dollar Call – Can It Be Avoided

The Thirty Dollar Call – Can It Be Avoided

IT Service ManagementMany have asked if ITIL has any practical application – let me ask you to do something very quickly to prove significant ROI.

A few years ago my IBM research colleagues and I got together to determine the cost of a call to the service desk. Let me ask you to get out your calculators and do this one for yourselves- calculate the cost of the media you will use to contact the service desk (cell phone, laptop..) calculate the cost of the network, the cost of your time, do the same for the person receiving. It is found that the average service desk call lasts ten minutes and costs an average of three dollars per minute.

Now calculate the costs possible per year if everyone in your organization called the service desk- say 50K people times 30 = 1.5m. Now think if you could cut down on these calls by forty to sixty percent- 600- 900 K per year saved.

ITIL proposes a method to do this by using Problem and Availability management- being proactive instead of being reactive. Put your calculators to work and then come see us!

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