The Service Catalog, Round 2

The Service Catalog, Round 2

I’m seeing renewed curiosity in — of all things — the service catalog.

The universal consensus in Round 1 was that the service catalog was simply a list of services provided by IS (not IT) to the business and supporting infrastructures.

Tools were built and sold with these goals in mind, and so gave rise to the inevitable question:

“Why did I, or why am I paying this much money for a tool/process that only produces a list?”

Sadly, the main point of a catalog was missed. The IT rendering of the meaning of a service catalog ‘queered the pitch’ for many.

Today, I’m suggesting a new approach, based on what a service catalog was originally meant to be. I call this  approach Round 2.

This is where we come to a common understanding that IS (not IT) is a line of business. As a line of business, IS provides value for its being. This value is amply demonstrated by a business service catalog that is based partly on the technical services catalog, the service level agreement, the operational level agreement, and the underpinning contract.

In short, this discipline very closely interacts with the ‘supply chain’ to fully provide its services.

Think further:  supply chain = capacity, availability….. Now, we see why it’s Round 2!

My next post will explain why I am saying IS, instead of IT. Anyone care to offer a thought on this?

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