Showback/Chargeback Reporting

Showback/Chargeback Reporting

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The COp-S™ Solution delivers detailed enterprise Showback/Chargeback reporting. Today line-of-business stakeholders are challenging CIOs and their IT organizations to deliver greater visibility regarding how they are aiding business growth and delivering innovation.

Business organizations are growing because of globalization, increased compliance with industry standards, and centralized/shared IT services. This growth requires IT organizations to provide greater cost transparency, and apply accurate allocation methods to the different P&Ls. Business units are asking questions like:

How much are we paying for IT services?

Are we really using those services?

Can we get the same results by spending less?

What is the difference between in-house and outsourced options?

COp-S™ addresses the growing need for greater transparency by providing detailed monthly, quarterly, or annual bill of IT spending and usage that line of business stakeholders are requesting.

When you apply the showback and chargeback reporting capabilities of COp-S™, you achieve greater cost transparency, and empower business managers with the knowledge to decide how to apply budgets with respect to their IT services.

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