MQ for Financial Management Consulting Services

MQ for Financial Management Consulting Services

Magic Quadrant for Financial Management Consulting Services

19 December 2011 ID:G00218602

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria


The vendors in this Magic Quadrant were included based on the following criteria:

This research evaluates service providers only on their project-based financial management consulting services. These service providers should have the following:

  • Evidence of strategies and methodologies that have been applied in client engagements:
    • At least 15 referenceable financial management consulting service deals
  • A minimum threshold of at least $220 million in overall financial management advisory global revenue
  • A global company, with commitment to the F&A marketplace in financial management consulting services:
    • Market share and clientele with presence in more than two major regions (North America, Western Europe, Japan, Asia/Pacific or Latin America)
    • An ability to serve clients globally
    • A physical financial management consulting practice present in more than two major regions (North America, Western Europe, Japan, Asia/Pacific or Latin America)

Consultants were excluded if they did not meet the functional or revenue criteria or if they were unable to provide adequate referenceability.

This Magic Quadrant includes all vendors in a given sector; that is, consulting services, which begin with the assessment phase and lead into the design and build phase of a life cycle perspective. Companies considered for evaluation in this Magic Quadrant research are those that act as advisors and may also provide implementation services that encompass most or all levels of a solution, as outlined above. Further, providers will also be evaluated in more detail, using a combination of quantitative and qualitative criteria. Note that vendors cannot elect to be excluded from a Magic Quadrant, assuming they meet the inclusion criteria.

Quadrant Descriptions


Leaders are performing well today, with a clear vision of market-building competencies to sustain their leadership position in this space. The consultants in this quadrant generally share superior market understanding, vision, comprehensive methodologies and road maps. They have the global geographic reach to support their on-site clients and have well-communicated and well-marketed sales offerings. They also have the ability to advise regulators and assist financially stricken leading businesses in crisis.


Challengers execute reasonably well today, but they have yet to capitalize on their vision. For consultants in this quadrant, increased attention to sales and marketing, increasing their finance portfolio of offerings, and building up the number of on-site finance consultants will help improve future alignment to existing clients and new prospects.


Visionaries have a clear vision of market direction and are focused on preparing for that, especially with innovative technology solutions, but they still can improve the scale and scope of service delivery. For the consultant in this quadrant, time and attention to executing visionary service and delivery plans will help it capitalize on its vision with new prospects.

Niche Players

Niche consultants typically focus on particular market segments, such as Europe-based clients, public-sector clients, or manufacturing sector or midsize organizations and often support only those services that apply to those targeted segments. For this Magic Quadrant, there are no Niche Players.

Evaluation Criteria

Ability to Execute

  • Product/Service
  • Overall Viability (Business Unit, Financial, Strategy, Organization)
  • Sales Execution/Pricing
  • Market Responsiveness and Track Record
  • Marketing Execution
  • Customer Experience
  • Operations

Completeness of Vision

  • Market Understanding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Offering (Product) Strategy
  • Business Model
  • Vertical/Industry Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Geographic Strategy

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