Know Thy Self – KEDARit Assessment Complies with Forrester Research – Part II

Know Thy Self – KEDARit Assessment Complies with Forrester Research – Part II


The “smartest” IT Financial Management Solution provides an IT Leader the capability to analyze IT spending and budgets from multi-dimensional viewpoints such as line-of-business, department, infrastructure components and/or vendors. 

KEDARit has strategically positioned its products and services to help IT organizations accelerate their time-to-value for lean management initiatives by providing the guidance and support needed for them to quickly implement these solutions and adopt best practices “in a single package “as described in the Forrester Research.**

According to the Forrester 2009 whitepaper on Financial Management for IT Services**, spending on IT financial management should grow over the next five years to exceed $800 million by 2013.  While the primary SIC codes for IT software and IT services is certainly not new, the product offerings and solutions for IT financial management are. Consequently, Forrester describes the market as “nascent” with “no clear market leader yet”.

The Forrester research forecasts the total IT management software market using modeling assumptions that include 1) Technology adoption-how quickly users will adopt solutions and 2) IT maturity- business service management (BSM) adoption rates from firms with advanced IT departments.

The overarching trend towards 1) mature IT organizations, 2) CIOs with general business backgrounds and 3) the increasing use of IT infrastructure for business performance solutions (BPS) and business to consumer (B to C) products and services will fuel the growth of this market.

KEDARit has strategically designed and positioned its products and services to deliver on each of the areas described in the Forrester Research recommendations for success such as:

Position solution as business technology: KEDARit has integrated a “Lean” approach to delivering and implementing Cost Optimization Service (COp-S™) and Service Utilization Manager (SUM™) products and services that executives are familiar with.

Develop a consulting ecosystem: The study suggests that the classic IT partnerships focused on connecting disparate infrastructure and ITIL training is not a good enough solution. KEDARit has designed a suite of integrated products and services (called KITS – KEDARit Solutions) that can be customized to address adoption barriers related to cost, infrastructure and specific application solutions.

In addition, KEDARit has leveraged the use of its software development team and cloud technology. The value added consulting service BPM is a natural follow-on for integrating business service and IT resources to define the value stream of how business objectives are met.

For more than 10 years, KEDARit’s passionate commitment to excellence, integrity, and client successes has helped it to grow into a leading management consulting company. Even with over a decade of dramatic change, KEDARit has never lost sight of their core mission: using cutting-edge technologies to develop “Lean Thinking” solutions that achieve enduring results for their clients.

The KITS deliver the deep and cross-linked capabilities that actually make change happen across client organizations. The SaaS solutions that are integrated in KEDARit KITS deliver clients powerful analytical tools to quickly identify non-lean areas model and simulate how costs can be reduced and optimized.

Charles Williams (founder of KEDARit) shares that “The key to success for our clients in today’s complex business and technology environment is to identify costs and their costs drivers, visualize value streams, and develop ITSM level key performance indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence (BI) at your fingertips. Allowing managers to achieve results such as; reducing and optimizing costs, achieving greater process efficiency, and aligning business and technology objectives.”

** referred to Forrester article is titled “Market Overview: IT Financial Management Software – The Time Is Right For More Cost Transparency In IT”  by Thomas Mendel, Ph.D., and Peter O’Neill


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