Know Thy Self – KEDARit Assessment Complies with Forrester Research – Part I

Know Thy Self – KEDARit Assessment Complies with Forrester Research – Part I

KEDAR Information Technologies, Inc. (KEDARit) is pleased to share news of completion of our Internal Assessment of the State of the Business, and establishment of our current fair market value.

The Internal Assessment was spearheaded by KEDARit CFO, Shelton Tucker. With over 20 years of financial experience Shelton Tucker has held various leadership positions with major corporations, such as State Farm Insurance, and The Coca-Cola Company, and has specialized in aiding companies with developing financial strategies and infrastructure aligned with the firm’s long term business objectives.

KEDARit is engaged primarily in providing a range of management consulting and training services, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications in the IT governance and financial management arena.

Forrester defines IT financial management as the discipline of planning, budgeting, monitoring, and controlling the use of a firm’s total IT budget (operations/maintenance and new projects/investments)**

Specifically, KEDARit offers its customers a suite of comprehensive KITS “KEDARit Solutions” that help them to accelerate their time-to-value for lean management initiatives. KEDARit works with Fortune 1,000 companies, medium-sized private businesses, and government entities, primarily at the municipal level.

KEDARit was founded by Mr. Charles Williams in 2001, primarily as an ITIL® training and certification organization. Charles recognized the glaring need for a complete IT Financial Management IT Service Management (ITSM) Solution.

In 2010 KEDARit expanded its products and services to include their Cost Optimization Service (COp-S™) and Service Utilization Manager (SUM™) SaaS proprietary applications, BPM (Business Process Mapping) consulting services, and a robust list of custom training courses including: Six Sigma, Lean IT, and Cloud Computing.

A Forrester Research study suggests that the “best of breed” solution providers will develop IT Financial Management solutions that deliver to IT leaders a multi-dimensional analysis capability of their IT spending and budgets, and the in-depth guidance, support and training needed for them to quickly implement these solutions and sustain best practices “in a single package”.

KEDARit has strategically designed its products and services to meet each of these success criteria recommended by Forrester. **

** referring to Forrester article is titled “Market Overview: IT Financial Management Software – The Time Is Right For More Cost Transparency In IT”  by Thomas Mendel, Ph.D., and Peter O’Neill

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