SUM™ Solution

SUM™ Solution

The rise of “as-a-service” technologies is empowering leaders with automated design tools that deliver the Business Intelligence (BI) needed for business and technology lean IT Service Management (ITSM) improvements. Our Service Utilization Manager (SUM™) KEDARit Solution (called “KITS”) accelerate the creation and design of an IT Service Portfolio Framework that allow you to quickly and easily:

  • visualize technology and  IT services mapping to business customers,
  • measure the demand for technology and IT services per business customer, and
  • create a stable and sustainable IT Service Portfolio Framework that can be easily monetized.

The Service Utilization Manager (SUM™) KITS quickly allows you to create and design It services that are relevant to the business and IT operations. The SUM™ KITS provides a prescriptive IT service creation and framework design best practice approach. SUM™ delivers an automated technology and IT service design software tool for IT Service Portfolio Framework modeling and visualization.

The SUM™ KITS includes the expert guidance and tool training necessary for quick and efficient IT service creation and framework design. SUM™ integrates with all IT Service Management (ITSM) vendor tools.

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