Why Engage A Temp Certified ITIL® Expert

Why Engage A Temp Certified ITIL® Expert

Well, subcontracting is essential to successful ITIL implementation initiatives.

Companies these days are renting experienced and certified ITIL® Experts – generally thought of as a job requirement of ITSM Managers that report directly to the CIO and COO.

Today many companies are turning to experienced and certified ITIL® Experts for long (1-year) and short (3-months) advisory services to assist their in-house ITSM Manager. They are also engaging ITIL® Experts to serve as interim managers because permanently replacing an in-house ITSM Manager can take six months or longer.

Most companies need “targeted firepower” to accelerate time-to-value to achieve their cost saving objectives for the ITIL implementation initiative. In some cases the ITIL® Expert is required in order to help the ITSM Manager and stakeholder organizations establish realistic, time-boxed, and quantified cost saving objectives.

KEDARit provides experienced and certified ITIL® Experts who “hit the ground running”. They have a minimum of 20 years IT experience, including ten years providing ITSM/ITIL hands-on and advisory services to firm with at least $1 billion in revenue. We’re not talking about retired and recently certified ITIL® Experts. We are talking about veterans that “hit the ground running” and can share how other companies have achieved quick-wins.

Many of the challenges thrown our ITIL® Expert’s way are:

  • Create an enterprise-wide Service Catalog
  • Build an IT Financial Cost Model using the ITIL ideology
  • Design and integrate processes such as:
    • Capacity Management,
    • Availability Management,
    • Change Management,
    • Service Level Management, and
    •  also ISO 20000 certification readiness.

Challenges are not the only expectation of ITIL® Experts. They are expected to mentor the ITSM Manager and other staff that need more ITIL seasoning. They often work alongside the ITSM Manager to help on major projects. Additionally, ITIL® Experts are not political. That means a company’s CIO and other executive officers can get an objective analysis from someone not interested in scoring “brownie points”.

At the same time, however, the ITIL® Expert has to be a quick study of the company’s internal dynamics and operations. They have to quickly fit into the company culture, even if expectations are for them to be a change agent. They have to do so effectively.

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