IT Financial Management (ITFM) Deep Dive

IT Financial Management (ITFM) Deep Dive

Schedule Your ITFM “Deep Dive”

This  special no obligation offer is aligned with our Mission Statement commitment to:

Advance the maturity of IT organizations by openly sharing new ITFM methods, trends, critical success factors, and pitfalls with our customers and subscribers.

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During the “Deep Dive” session you will learn how other IT organizations are:

  • Shrinking and optimizing IT expenditures.
  • Rationalizing IT applications and services cost.
  • Comparing internal IT services to external vendors.

You will learn how they are reaping benefits like:

  • Analytics and metrics that allow them to identify and eliminate waste
  • Right-size expenditures to deliver and support IT services
  • Assign staff to IT services that match the customers demand for the service
  • Map IT budgets to IT service cost elements
  • Evaluate the market competitiveness of internal vs external vendors

This session will also answer questions like:

  • Are ITFM trends delivering bottom-line results?
  • What are the 5 fundamental ITFM Cost Models?
  • Why IT Costing and Application Rationalization?
  • What are the key steps for a successful ITFM initiative?

To maximize your learning experience, be prepared with your specific ITFM questions, objectives, and challenges.