Service Catalog Content And Objectives

Service Catalog Content And Objectives

The Service Catalog should be as specific, clear and complete as possible. This allows the management of the catalog and expectations of the service requester to be realistically established regarding what the service delivers.

Creating a Service Catalog with these objectives in mind requires detailed analysis and discovery, and consensus about your environment’s:

Service Attributes

Which define the specific tangible deliverables of the services that answers the customer’s question “what do I get?”

Service Levels

That accurately describe the delivery and quality of the service, such as service availability, incident resolution, and escalation processes.


Under which services or the service are offered such as, requirements and limitations that the customer must understand and comply with.


That are used determine successful delivery of the service, including how they are collected, calculated and reported.

Cost Allocation or Pricing

The specific cost or pricing model used for the services, including aggregate and unit costs.

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