Service Catalog Creation Solution

Service Catalog Creation Solution

A Service Catalog is an essential part of an IT Strategy. Having an actionable Service Catalog enables the CIO and IT leaders to clearly talk with line of business owners and customers about the value of delivered capabilities. It also, provides a method of how services are requested and how the IT organization will handle these requests, and provide the requester with meaningful information about what to expect and when.

KEDARit offers a comprehensive Service Catalog Creation Solution that optimizes the “time-to-value” to create an actionable Service Catalog. We provide the following, to quickly guide your team through how to effectively create and deploy an actionable Service Catalog that meets best-practice goals for content and objectives.

– Service Catalog training,

– Workshops by experienced consultants,

– Service Catalog creation, and

                                                                                                                   – A library of services and body of knowledge.

Read more, about our Service Catalog Creation Principles.

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