KEDAR Information Technologies Inc.

KEDAR Information Technologies Inc.

KEDAR Information Technologies (KEDARit) specializes in IT Financial Management (ITFM) solutions for the Business focused CIO and IT Executives. We provide these leaders’ macro-level analytics of IT expenditures mapped to the Lines-of-Business (LOB) that enables them to quickly identity value and eliminate waste.

KEDARit is a leading provider of the key capabilities required to drive IT financial operations and business-decisions maturity. We provide a SaaS (Software as a Service) ITFM System with our Solution using our BVA™ (Business Value Alignment) proven approach that enables your team to:

  • simplify current ITFM methods and data complexity,
  • create IT services that enable you to discover key cost optimizations,
  • modernize your ITFM methods and tools within 90-days, and
  • deliver detail analytics that show the business value of the IT organization.

Clients tell us that they like the time-to-value speed that allows them to share data-driven analytics with staff and peers. Also, being able to map IT expenditures to critical business outcomes that ultimately impact revenue.

A Modern ITFM Solution Is Critical To Your Success

Our ITFM offerings deliver the needed expertise and guidance, best practice processes, and training that allow you to quickly use our SaaS ITFM System strategically and effectively. By bundling our expertise and software you will have accurate data-driven analytics at your fingertips to:

Show the business relevancy of IT operations and investment decisions. Read more…

Optimize IT costs and increase the value of outcomes across the enterprise. Read more…

Manage and measure financial controls and constraints (i.e., KPIs and CSFs) for IT departments. Read more…

Track and manage IT service costs and expenditures aligned to LOB unit objectives. Read more…

Using our experience as IT Financial Management Specialists, we are able to provide the expert guidance at key decision points of the ITFM improvement and system implementation process.

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Be the Smartest ITFM Guy in the Room

We would like to share with you how other companies have achieved their ITFM modernization goals with a 400% ROI
— read client ITFM Case Study.

Act now, to discuss your goals and our ITFM solution offerings.

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