Go beyond Business Process Management

Go beyond Business Process Management


In 2010 KEDAR Information Technologies (KEDARIT) was engaged with a city government client to address an aging workforce knowledge transfer of both the business units and IT department’s subject matter experts (SMEs).

As their business unit senior user staff aged, the client became concerned about  losing many years of department expertise.

Such a loss threatened the efficiency gains of a city government client that has received numerous national awards’ including All American City award.

Their millions of dollars of assets and investments were at risk if they could not transfer the expertise and knowledge to the next department stake-holders.

Their IT department had previously engaged KEDARit in an IT financial management project to implement the ITIL based COP-S™ product. The COP-S™ product is a budget management software-based approach that delivers a structured budget planning method, “what-if” scenario analysis, and actual-to-proposed budget forecast analysis needed to manage complex IT environments. This product works to align company business and technical services with their IT budgets and provide greater IT financial transparency.

The client wanted a formal business process management project, and wanted to combine an IT process modeling project to assist in the knowledge transfer and standardize process documentation.

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