Feb. 7: BPM Webinar on "Why BPM? and How to justify a BPM project"

Feb. 7: BPM Webinar on "Why BPM? and How to justify a BPM project"

Use Business Process Management to develop “efficient lean thinking” AND achieve higher ROI.

Topic:  “Why BPM? and How to justify a BPM project”

When:  Feb. 7, 2013 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (CST)

Applying BPM methodologies a telecommunications company realized greater efficiencies and increased profitability (see client brief below).

The Engagement:

KEDARit worked with the client’s management to re-engineer their processes and define the organizational roles and responsibilities by using our Business Value Alignment (BVA™) Methodology. Using automation, they greatly improved the provisioning of new customers, systems, and applications.


This engagement resulted in a $953,229 reduction in the total cost of the provisioning process. Management is now better informed about the critical provisioning process variables and how they relate to agreed service levels at every juncture.

During a critical company growth cycle, the company’s long-term profitability objectives were achieved. This was attributed in part to the process  re-engineering and automation by line of business stakeholders.

Return on Investment (ROI): 184%

Our webinar will cover:

  •  an overview of Business Process Management (BPM),
  •  why implementing BPM is becoming critical to all industries,
  •  KEDARit’s BPM Quick launch solution
  •  the benefits of Business Process Automation
  •  KEDARit’s proven BVA™ Business Value Automation solution

Benefits of BPM:

  •  Improved Knowledge Management that mitigates employee retirement and skills depletion
  •  Protection of investments with an inventory of processes and repository of key data
  •  Automated workflows resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiencies

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