COp-S™ Quick Launch

COp-S™ Quick Launch

The Cost Optimization Service (COp-S™) Quick Launch KEDARit Solution (called KITS) integrates cost optimization and IT Financial Management (ITFM) best practices into a single solution. From strategy to implementation the COp-S™ Quick Launch KITS includes the COp-S™ software, IT services design and cost modeling, and the consulting and training necessary for clients to achieve and sustain enduring cost optimizations.

The COp-S™ Quick Launch KITS allows CIOs and IT leaders to optimize IT expenditures across the enterprise. Guided by our ITFM Specialists, we gather existing IT expenditures and financial data, and consolidate existing spreadsheets and budgets into the COp-S™ software. Our Clients specifically enjoy using the COp-S™ “what-if” and ad hoc reporting capabilities to develop cost optimization scenarios and ROI business justifications to:

  • benchmark and baseline costs against other alternatives,
  • perform detailed cost analysis of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and project priorities, and
  • drill-down from the technology and IT services used by business customers to their discreet cost element drivers.

The COp-S™ software is designed to meet the challenges CIOs and IT leaders face in today’s fast paced and hybrid IT environments. Providing them capabilities rooted in analytics and metrics that allow them to quickly achieve greater cost optimizations and improve IT financial management controls. COp-S™ delivers a cloud-based platform that allows CIOs and IT leaders to rationalize and model all IT expenditures across the enterprise, easily communicate the cost and demand for technology and IT services, prioritize investments, formulate future strategies, and manage and prioritize projects.

Other COp-S™ KITS include:

It service cost snapshot

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