COp-S™ Demo

COp-S™ Demo

The below are customer or partner discussions about the details and benefits of the Cost Optimization Service (COp-S™) software.

Enhance your understanding of the COp-S™ software by watching videos 1 through 3, prior to watching the Live Demo video.

1) Our Approach

Watch this 7-minute video of a discussion with a KEDARit Partner, about our “Technology and Service Costing Approach”.

2) Problems and Questions Resolved

Watch this 4-minute video of a discussion about problems and questions that COp-S™ helps to resolve for CIOs and IT Executives.

3) Features and Functions

Watch this 5-minute video overview of the out-of-the-box  COp-S™ integrated features and  functions.

4) COp-S™ Demo

Watch an in-depth 15-minute demo of the cloud-based COp-S™ software product.