We're excited you want more!

We're excited you want more!

Over the past 10 years, we have developed Software as a Service Business Intelligence solutions proven to accelerate a client’s Lean IT initiatives. We have placed our KEDARit Solutions – we commonly call “KITS” – under four practice areas that flow seamlessly to help our client’s reduce cost while experiencing an ROI of at least 300%:

Optimize your business and technology value streams. The suite of KEDARit Solutions called “KITS” enables organizations to quickly achieve greater cost reductions and financial governance, and  puts at their  fingertips the value stream of how to scale technology costs to business  objectives.

The key to success for our clients in today’s complex business and technology environment is to quickly identify costs and the cost drivers, visualize value streams, and put greater key performance indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence at management’s finger tips. Allowing managers to achieve results such as:

  • reducing and optimizing costs,
  • achieving greater process efficiency, and
  • aligning business and technology objectives.

Our KITS are designed not only to accelerate achievement of these results, but to put the business intelligence (BI) you need at your fingertips  to achieve greater lean business and technology results that endure.

Each KITS  is a  complete solution that includes  best practice methods, automated SaaS tools, expert guidance, and training that will enable you to quickly develop custom strategies and solutions that achieve your lean objectives.

Training Courses

Our IT Strategy KITS put the right business intelligence (BI) at your finger tips, which help organizations to achieve and sustain greater lean business technology strategic management.  Our IT Strategy offerings enable organizations to quickly adopt a business technology view of challenges and objectives to:

  • reduce costs 3 to 8 percent,
  • define business technology value streams,
  • enable process automation and innovation, and
  • integrate training that transforms the culture to the lean thinking philosophy.


Training Courses

Our ITSM KITS put the business intelligence (BI) at your fingertips which helps organizations to achieve and sustain greater lean business technology service management.  Our ITSM offerings enable organizations to quickly:

  • implement best practice improvements,
  • develop a structured IT Service Catalog,
  • adopt the ITIL® and ISO 20000 frameworks,
  • achieve greater ITSM driven measurements and KPIs, and
  • integrate training that transforms the culture to the lean thinking philosophy.




The BPM KITS™ provide proven techniques to define the business processes and to identify how technology can be used to automate them.  Our proven Business Value Alignment (BVA™) approach guides companies to a deeper understanding and value driven use of these business processes. Clients rely on the resulting methodology and discipline to institutionalize process improvements. The resulting process automation and simulation modeling capabilities that are integrated into BVA™ aid in accelerating continuous improvement of cross functional and end to end business processes. Clients have realized greater than 15% cost reduction by using the BVA™  approach to optimize process development and automate workflows.


Training Courses

Our Training KITS deliver the foundation necessary to achieve greater cultural transformation and sustain improvements. Our training courses are the key to our client’s success. Training courses, whether customized or intended for certification, on-site or at our training facilities, equip each participant to:

  • Reduce cost,
  • Improve delivery of IT services,
  • Scale spending to meet business objectives, and
  • Achieve greater proactive problem management and resolution.

KEDARit is a premier training provider of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Lean IT, Cloud Computing, and ISO 20000 certification and custom training courses.


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