CIO "Knowledge Bytes" Newsletters

CIO "Knowledge Bytes" Newsletters

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KEDAR Information Technologies is pleased to share with you our “CIO Knowledge Bytes” Newsletters.

Each issue is a roundup of news, trends, and industry research on current management and technical topics relevant to CIOs.

View: June 2014 issue

Featured: New Instructor Led Online Workshop: “Service Catalog & Portfolio Design”

This workshop introduces the principles and necessary elements for the design of a strategic, measurable, actionable, relevant, and transparent (SMART) Service Catalog and Service Portfolio.

View: May 2014 issue

Featured Article: How to reduce the IT Budget and Still “Keep the Lights On”

CIOs are now more challenged than ever — to demonstrate mature financial management disciplines, greater transparency, and improved performance reporting of costs. This whitepaper illustrates how modeling of the right financial data helps CIOs and their organization to meet today’s challenges, including greater cost transparency, budget reduction, better outsourced vendor value, and improved regulatory compliance and risk mitigation …

View: April 2014 issue

Featured Article: Turn Your ITSM Solution “paper tiger” into a Cost-Cutting Machine

Many IT organizations have implemented IT Service Management (ITSM) Solutions and ITIL processes improvements to streamline their operations. Few have monetized improvements to demonstrate business gains. Without such quantification, further investment in ITSM-based improvements are nearly impossible to get executive approval. No business executive will continue to invest in solutions without clearly defined business relevant financial benefits — especially in today’s economic environment. As a result, we have noticed many organizations are going …

View: March 2014 issue

Featured Article: Protect your Intellectual Property (IP) by creating a Knowledge Transfer program

At an alarming rate companies are faced with the need to retain the knowledge of their processes and at the same time enhance and protect the skills of their employees. This takes time and is not done without a concerted effort and strategy to accomplish it …

View: February 2014 issue

Featured Article: What CIOs Need to Know About Career Longevity

How can you live longer and prosper as a functional IT leader? If you are an IT functional leader like a CIO, or even aspiring to be a CIO, your role is more challenging today than even before. You are the critical player in the delivery of IT capabilities and services: identifying them, designing processes, selecting tools, establishing practices that …

View: January 2014 issue

Featured Article: CFOs are challenging CIOs to adopt new IT Cost Allocation methods

IT Cost allocations require both detailed and high-level formulas that were designed to distribute IT costs, but trying to make them accurate is an exhausting and taxing process that everyone in IT management dreads. The business reason generally cited for the allocation strategy is that the executive management wants to associate all IT costs to various business units …

View: November 2013 issue

Featured Article: 5 Steps to Successful ITIL Adoption

Here’s an article that you may have seen and it is still relevant today. If your company is in the process of adopting ITIL, hopefully you will find it interesting and useful. Please read Stephen Mann’s 5 Steps to Successful ITIL Adoption …

View: October 2013 issue

Featured Article: Going Beyond Business Process Management

Poor retention of our corporate process and procedural knowledge cost valuable time and money, reducing our ability to compete and excel in our market space. In our organizations and departments the direct and indirect cost of our inability to manage knowledge retention includes costs, such as …

View: September 2013 issue

Featured Article: Measuring the Cloud Impact on IT Costs

Today’s C-level executives are challenged to illustrate how their strategies and methods scale to meet business objectives. When addressing Cloud Solutions this challenge becomes even more difficult …

View: July 2013 issue

Featured Article: The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013!

We recently stumbled across this article from Oracle Voice on referencing some great information on: 10 strategic changes the author feels CIO’s must make in 2013 calling for the CIO to be a leader instead of a follower; a disrupter instead of a go-alonger; and a business-driven executive instead of a tech-focused manager. For KEDARit’s perspective on this topic, please visit our IT Strategy webinar recordings, and blogs.

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