BPM Quick Launch KITS™

BPM Quick Launch KITS™

KEDARit Solution (KITS™) that offers a Business Process Management (BPM) Quick Launch.


In a 30 – 45 day period, KEDARit will conduct a BPM Quick Launch initiative. This solution will give companies the ability to DEFINE, MODEL and IDENTIFY business processes.  In our BPM Quick Launch KITS™ we will work with a functional business area (for example, a department) to:

  • Define “As-Is” business processes
  • Model workflows that represent key work activities
  • Identify gaps and inefficiencies in critical business processes

Workflow Model


Customers are given insights and actionable strategies for:

  • implementing changes to automate and improve workflows,
  • using easy to use simulation models to eliminate inefficiencies,
  • creating methodologies to focus on managing continuous improvement, and
  • offering business analysts and managers tools to control their business processes.


  • Define and document up to 125 business processes per department
  • Build the following models:
    • Organization Model that include:
      • Goals
      • Locations
      • Capabilities
      • Business Controls

Process Improvement

Process Model that include:

  • Activities
  • Systems Notations
  • Process Controls Actions
  • Requirements Identification
  • Workflow Model that include:
    • Workflows
    • Swim Lane Diagrams
    • Simulation Comparisons
  • Document staff roles and responsibilities associated with each process
  • Document the key procedures that are associated with each business process
  • Define internal departments, external entity interactions and related dependencies
  • Document technical customizations and associate them with corresponding business processes


  • Roadmap,
  • Sample models,
  • Executive presentation,
  • Metrics, tools and templates,
  • Related materials in softcopies, and
  • Recommendations on effective next steps.

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