What does an always perfectly cooked steak have in common with BPM?

What does an always perfectly cooked steak have in common with BPM?

Business Process Management can be effectively used as a strategy to allow companies to create consistent business processes, similar to your favorite steak house – always serving up that perfect steak. Day after day, month after month and year after year that steak is always cooked to perfection, even when the master chef changes. By using a consistent standardized cooking process the steak house always meets customer expectations. Changes may occur, however, they should be changes that create improvements. This is the essence of BPM. It is a strategy that uses well defined methodologies to enable companies to standardize processes and to become more effective and efficient with them.

KEDARit utilizes BPM approaches and methodologies that are designed to deliver the results that aid companies to:

  • quickly evaluate process maturity,
  • define and capture current processes,
  • analyze processes and address gaps, and
  • implement new effective and efficient processes.

Clients also rely on the KEDARit approach and methodology to institutionalize process improvements. The integrated automation and simulation capabilities of our Business Value Alignment (BVA™) methodology accelerate measurable improvement of end business processes. Our clients have realized greater than 15% cost reduction by using BVA™ to optimize processes and automate workflows.

::KEDARit is second to none in:

  • Defining and designing business and technology processes
  • Conducting simulations and discovering opportunities for improvement
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership of processes and automating workflows

We have developed a strategic approach that recognizes the value chain created by people, process and technology to deliver a product or service. We connect business value to the supporting technology services. The end result becomes an organization that is transformed to Lean Thinking and optimized processes.

KEDAR IT Solutions (KITS) are targeted to solve specific business issues that put business intelligence (BI) at your fingertips. Whether combined or stand-alone, our KITS include best practice methodology, tools, consulting and training to quickly solve specific business issues and provide the business intelligence (BI) needed. Our KITS help our clients to achieve lean business and technology strategies that endure. We specialize in helping clients to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiencies for both business and IT.

Our Business Process Management KITS include:






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