Business Value Alignment (BVA™) KITS™ Design, Optimize, and Continuous Improvement

Business Value Alignment (BVA™) KITS™ Design, Optimize, and Continuous Improvement


“… the real payoff lies in BPM’s potential to help the company define business processes and unify its information systems to break down barriers between organizational and geographic divisions and to improve collaboration and innovation.”

CIO Magazine:  Wyeth’s Rx for BPM Success

KEDARit is a unique management consulting company that helps clients overcome BPM challenges to meet their business objectives. We are second to none in developing processes and conducting workflow simulations to optimize the process total cost of ownership.

Gartner defines BPM as “a management discipline that treats business processes as assets that directly contribute to enterprise performance by driving operational excellence and business agility.”

Source:  Gartner 2011

BPM consists of modeling, to automate, manage and optimize business processes in order to improve business profitability.  The most important benefits of BPM are obtained when the companies begin to utilize processes automated from the effort.

Business Value Alignment (BVA™) Design, Optimize and Continuous Improvement Phases:

KEDARit has developed a strategic approach that recognizes the value chain created by people, process and technology to deliver a product or service. We connect business value to the supporting technology services.

BVA™ methodology aligns an organization’s technology to its business strategy by using best practice and proprietary tools to define, analyze and optimize technology and business processes. We analyze existing processes to find areas for change, develop “To-Be” models to implement process improvement, simulate processes to optimize them, measure results in order to insure compliance to recommended changes and seek continuous improvement.

Our structured approach transforms an organization from chaos to clarity by providing effective solutions to support their business technology challenges.

The end result becomes an organization that is transformed to Lean Thinking and optimized processes.

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