We Make Your IT Financial Management (ITFM) Journey Easy!

We Make Your IT Financial Management (ITFM) Journey Easy!

KEDAR Information Technologies (KEDARit) specializes in enterprise cloud-based IT Financial Management (ITFM) solutions for the business focused IT Executive. We work with customers across multiple industry segments such as Financial Services, Healthcare, State and Local Government, and Higher Education to enable them to quickly achieve optimized IT budgets and higher service levels to business unit customers.

Our cloud-based Cost Optimization Service (COp-S™) software enables customers to identify and right-size discrete technologies, and IT service cost and cost elements. The COp-S™ solution ensures that the data and metrics needed to address complex hybrid IT environment budgets, and supply and demand problems are at your finger tips. The COp-S™ solution also enables internal IT organizations to easily evaluate the cost and benefit of cloud alternatives and outside managed service offerings.

COp-S™ is an advanced and economical ITFM software solution that allows CIOs, CFOs, IT Financial Analysts, and other Stakeholders to quickly and easily define the impact of IT investments and risks. Some of the common challenges that are resolved using COp-S™ include:

  • greater cost transparency,
  • equitable total cost ownership allocations,
  • improved enterprise-wide IT cost consciousness,
  • visualizations of IT that goes beyond traditional complex spreadsheets, and
  • optimized IT budgets and resources that are mapped to business customer value.

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COp-S™ Advantages

Greater Cost Transparency Deeper Visibility into Chargeback/Showback  Costs Less Time Doing Budget Management
Improved Demand Management Technology & Business Management Mapping Capabilities Automated Cost Optimization BI (Business Intelligence)

Customers Tell Us!

COp-S™ delivers value that goes beyond traditional complex spreadsheets, and IT benchmarking against industry peers. The COp-S™ software enables them to create a total cost of ownership (TCO) custom taxonomy and financial cost models of technology and IT services, with significant number of out-of-the-box chargeback or showback visualizations that cover the entire enterprise.

COp-S™ puts the right IT financial data and analytics at their fingertips. For example, you can map IT budget line-items directly to each business unit customer’s use of technology and IT services. Now, you can easily communicate and visualize how all IT expenditures achieve value for each business unit customer.

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