The suite of KEDARit Solutions called KITS” accelerates the time-to-value to modernize the ITFM process and tools. Our KITS are designed to put at the fingertips of clients the business intelligence necessary to optimize IT costs and improve ITFM processes that achieve improvements that endure.

Serving clients through our Cloud-based Software Products

Our Cost Optimization Service KITS put the right SaaS-based IT Financial Management (ITFM) solution and cost optimization business intelligence at your fingertips. The COp-S™ KITS accelerate your organization’s ability to achieve and sustain greater technology business management strategic improvements.

The COp-S™ KITS offerings enable you to quickly implement stable and sustainable ITFM process improvements that reduce costs, communicate the value of IT to the business, and enable you to conduct detailed cost optimization analysis.

Our Our Service Utilization Manager (SUM™) KITS put the right SaaS-based IT Services Design solution at your fingertips.

The SUM™ KITS accelerate your organization’s ability to quickly design and measure IT services. The SUM™ KITS offerings enable you to quickly implement a framework of “market ready” IT services.

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Find out if your organization qualifies for the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program, click Customer Eligibility Requirements.

When you purchase through DIR, you have the bulk buying power of the State of Texas on your side. This means that eligible customers can buy KEDARit cloud-based products and related services at discounted prices without the need for a Request for Proposal (RFP) lengthy procurement process. All our contracts comply with the State of Texas purchasing requirements.

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