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The IT Service Costing Snapshot is an economical project delivered by KEDARit IT Financial Management (ITFM) Specialists utilizing the powerful features and functions of the cloud-based COp-S™ (Cost Optimization Service) software.

We use your selected IT expenditures, that includes the cost of assets, vendor contracts, people, projects, facilities and more to build a single robust IT financial cost model. This project helps you to quickly establish the value of an automated ITFM tool for your organization, and provides the detailed data needed for the difficult task of calculating how much to reasonably spend on a project like this for the entire enterprise.

Clients tell us how surprised they were, at how quickly their CIO, CFO, and other stakeholders determined the value to the organization and the appropriate amount to spend.

The Snapshot project puts the right business and IT relevant intelligence at your fingertips. In a short period it illustrates how easy it is to visualize and communicate the value of IT expenditures to the customer.

Key project take-aways include:

  • Cost rationalization of selected applications
  • Deep insights into IT services cost drivers
  • Planned demand for applications and IT services
  • Visiualizations of applications and IT services use by customer
  • Complimentary license to use the cloud-based COp-S™ software

Other COp-S™ KITS include:

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Cost Optimization Service (COp-S™)


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