How to Achieve CIO Longevity and Know If You’re Not

January 24, 2014  |   COp-S Blogs,IT Strategy   |     |   0 Comment

If you are an IT functional leader like a CIO, or even aspiring to be a CIO, your role is more challenging today than ever before.

How to Achieve Longevity

In the past, IT leaders were primarily evaluated on their personal leadership qualities — their interpersonal skills and strategic insight were the primary source of their success. But, today things have changed. Peers and senior managers view success of IT leaders today by how well they have differentiated IT capabilities and services that are shared across the enterprise.

Far too often we have seen IT functional leaders that do not aggressively address the challenges inherent with this change and are surprised when they are “repositioned” downward in the organization, or in some cases, dismissed altogether.

As an IT functional leader like a CIO, or even aspiring to be a CIO you must expand your knowledge beyond basic keep the lights on (KTLO) necessities.


Read the article titled “What CIOs Need to Know About Longevity”, to learn how to address the challenges and what signs to look out for. Click here to download this article.

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