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Going Beyond BPM

Protecting Investments Through Knowledge Retention

In business, change is the only constant – one such change is the changing of the guard (people).

To be best prepared for employee change we suggest you not only use Business Process Management (BPM), but go beyond BPM by protecting your corporate investments through Knowledge Retention.

In today’s world we are dealing with a dynamic workforce due to internal and external forces within the workplace. Organizations are in continual flux as a result of attrition, internal reshuffling, external opportunities, right sizing, etc. If not dealt with correctly, the impact of change can be damaging to productivity, process and profitability.

In this Webinar the presenter will use a case study to:

  • Discuss the impact of change on an organization
  • Provide strategies about how to mitigate risks
  • Present a real world example using a BPM approach

This webinar will share methods and how companies are using BPM to protect corporate investments through Knowledge Retention.

Protecting the corporate investments through Knowledge Retention is an essential strategy!

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