Availability Management

February 21, 2011  |   Blog,COp-S Blogs,IT Strategy,Training Courses   |     |   0 Comment

IT Service ManagementI once asked a group of executives – how long have you been using the basic systems you use to run your business- don’t think only IT – so the people, processes, technology and partners. They mentioned seven years and so I intoned- then you should have complete knowledge of all incidents, problems, changes etc to your infrastructure. Which means that your service desk would be operationg on an exception based standard procedure. The room went quiet.

Think to yourselves- if you have had something for seven years- you should have some fair idea of what it costs to operate (COp-S™) , what bits and pieces of it are susceptible to failure and when … This is the practical guidance of ITIL and COp-S™. If this interests you – well lets say – need we say more.

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