Improving Enterprises

Improving Enterprises is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions. Instructors are seasoned professionals with years of real-world enterprise development experience. They explain how technologies, techniques, and processes can improve your system development, architecture, and overall business value. We promote industry practices and standards including Agile Process and techniques, the Unified Process, and the technologies and languages that support them. Improving Enterprises and KEDARit offer Software Development training solutions. See for additional information.

Serena Software

Serena Software is the largest company solely focused on managing change in the IT environment, to help customers transform change into bottom-line efficiencies. Change can take any numbers of forms. Whether it is putting new software into production, managing environment complexity or or achieving regulatory compliance, Serena has always been focused on managing change. And as business demands have continued to change in size and scope, Serena solutions have also evolved. Serena and KEDARit offer comprehensive ITSM solutions. See for additional information.



Strativa Inc. is a management consulting firm providing independent advice for business and information technology decisions. Their consultants are specialists in the development of IT strategies and organizational alignment programs. In addition to working within the IT function, Strativa also provides organizational redesign and management consulting outside of the IT function to assist business leaders with re-assessing organizational design and reporting relationships. Strativa has been in the IT management consulting business since 2000 (


Founded in 1978, InterSystems Corporation is a US$272,000,000 privately-held software company with offices in 23 countries and corporate headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They provide the premier platform for connected healthcare, and their innovative products are widely used in other industries that demand the highest software performance and reliability. Their clients include TD Ameritrade, British Telecom, U.S. Army, Cleveland Clinic, Deutsche Bank, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Credit Suisse, Prudential Insurance Company, Volvo, and thousands of other successful organizations.(


Infonaligy maintains the expertise you need to manage all technical aspects of your business from: communications, network management, server operations, application design and programming, and finally security management, Infonaligy takes care of it all. You do what you do best, only better. (


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