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KEDARit [pronounced key•dar’•I•T or key•dar’•it] is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that specializes in cost optimization of technology business management and IT Financial Management (ITFM) solutions. Learn about our Cost Optimization Service "COp-S™" Solution.

From strategy to implementation, KEDARit provides the software, operational consulting, and training services that clients need to achieve and sustain enduring optimization of technology and financial management improvements. We accomplish this by providing the tools and expert guidance for our clients to free up budget for innovations and to demonstrate the value of technology capabilities and services.

Traditional approaches to managing IT and other services organizations are no longer adequate. The cost optimization of technology and financial management advancements necessary today will deliver greater business relevance in a more cost transparent manner. Today’s technology leaders are challenged to adopt advanced cost transparency capabilities and adopt greater business relevant intelligence. Readily available alternatives to in-house technologies, such as Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Mobile Devices, Managed Services, SaaS solutions and other factors, are causing escalating business cost optimization and ITFM imperatives that KEDARit helps clients solve quickly.

Technology Business Management

Clients tell us that they need more insight into their IT operations budget — a budget that is typically 80% of their annual IT expenses, and can book it only by cost type. They currently allocate technology business management costs to users, for collaboration purposes or chargeback, based on factors that users frequently complain is unfair. They’re probably right.

Our Cost Optimization Service (commonly called COp-S™) Solution, delivers more than cost optimization and ITFM software. The COp-S™ solution also includes the management consulting and training that empower CIOs and organizations with the right facts and processes to more effectively collaborate about tradeoffs, prioritize projects and services, and maximize the value of every dollar spent for technology business management, and the enterprise at large.

KEDARit works with commercial businesses, government, and public sector CIOs and business leaders with both extensive IT and non-IT backgrounds. KEDARit has a rapidly growing track record of using the COp-S™ Solution to help organizations quickly implement stable and sustainable advanced cost optimization and ITFM improvements for technology business management.

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